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So, It's a New Year
And as always that means time to pretend to actually get back to being more of a social creature. IDK, I'm kind of crap at this keeping up with social networks, but I'll try as part of my grand plan of being a doper person this year.

Part of that plan includes making time to getting back to photography. I'm sort of trying the photo a day thing (even though most days I can't make the time to take enough photos that at least one is non-crap). Here's what I have for the past week:

Things that are not part of the plan: putting off going to the dentist because of anxiety for years until a giant cavity leads to a broken tooth, a tooth extraction, and two cavity fillings. Also known as: How I spent most of December and the last week.

I feel like such a child for putting this shit off for so long just because my experiences with dentists as a child sucked and I kind of wish I could have kicked my own ass into being adult about this years ago. I'm doing it now, I guess. :D? :D? :( I should also check about getting a proper GP and getting a physical regularly like an adult :/

In other news, I have a shiny new phone and a shiny new plan that isn't from the stone age and has both unlimited data and texting. So if there's anyone out there that wants to bother me 24/7, I'm totes available on gtalk, twitter, and texting. AND I WOULD LOVE TO TALK TO YOU SO SEND ME A PM AND I CAN GIVE YOU MY INFO IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE IT. And that doesn't even get close to the level of desperation I'm trying to convey so do it, please.

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I will PM you my number (are you on Whatsapp?)! We need to plan that outing to watch the Marlies at some point, haha.

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